Proof platform

An online platform that serves as a catalyst for new ideas among university students

In collaboration with SUND Hub we have built an online platform for the UCPH innovation hubs that enable university students to develop and test the potential of their ideas and to become part of a student incubator that support and accelerate the process from idea to commercialization.

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Project strategy

Facilitating workshops

UX research

UX/UI Design

Frontend Development

Performance & Accessibility

Minimal viable product

Starting with defining a purpose, target group and core functions of the platform that enabled us to build a minimal viable product and test it with our user group. We developed an early MVP in WordPress CMS as an external setup using Gravity Forms to collect information with conditional logic asking questions about the student’s ideas in order to generate a business plan that could be useful when starting a business.

A close collaboration with Koncern-it

We investigated whether the solution could be developed and deployed within the framework of the university’s IT-infrastructure as it would ensure operational reliability and sensible handling of personal data. Therefore a close collaboration with Koncern-IT was initiated to support our technology selection in using KU-forms to build our custom solution.

Three proof phases

The online platform allow access for KU-students only and helps them to think about a series of call-to-action questions that guides the students through various phases from problem, to idea to sustainable business model; (1) proof-of-problem, (2) proof-of-solution and (3) proof-of-business.

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