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Youbet athletic hub is partnering with niche athletes that delivers high-quality content to customers

Youbet is a Danish bookie who has taken a hardcore and niche position in the market. Youbet has launched an athlete hub that delivers high-quality content to customers. The purpose is to create brand preference for Youbet, positioning of the brand and to recruit new customers. I have worked with the Youbet team in 2019 in order to define and create the hub website showcasing six mini-documentaries of the niche sport athletes.

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UX/UI Design

Frontend Development

Six niche athletes

The athlete hub is about six athletes who fight a daily struggle to make the living as a practitioner of a niche sport. The stories are fascinated and you get close to athletes in kitesurfing, crossfit, BMX, running, basketball and mountainbiking.


This brand activation effort has gained recognition in the industry as the Youbet athletic hub have been shortlisted for SPOT ON Activation Award 2019. The hub were nominated in the sports category in competition with strong brands such as the UEFA Champions League in Denmark, the Sydbank Cup, Audi away etc.

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